The Library is a great foundation for early childhood education. We travel to various locations for story times and preschool programs. Camille often asks "Which library are we going to go to today?" She has developed a true love of reading. Tasha, Mom of Camille

My son is only 1 year old, and already we have benefitted greatly from the Library and all it has to offer. We have checked out “Baby Signing Time” DVDs to help us communicate, have participated in story and music time and have found entertainment. Angie, Mom

Sometimes, we need others to encourage us to pursue our dreams. When I started working at The Indianapolis Public Library, my colleagues and former managers always encouraged me to pursue my Masters of Library Science degree. Shanika, Branch Manager, East Thirty-Eighth Street


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Supporting learners is the focus for the Library Foundation. Whether it's young children developing early literacy skills or discovering the worlds of science and music or adults exploring new cultures and new technologies, the Library is the place for learning. The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation provides support for many programs at the Library every year that tax dollars just can’t cover.

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