Zeff Weiss Memorial Fund supports programs for years

Posted on July 27, 2020

After beloved community leader Zeff Weiss passed away in 2014, his family and friends came together to commemorate his legacy. Through generous donations, the Zeff Weiss Memorial Fund was created, the proceeds of which would fund Library programs for years to come.

Since that time, the Zeff Weiss Memorial Fund has helped make a wide variety of Library programs for children and teens possible, and will continue to support programs in future years. With a focus on programs at Central Library and InfoZone at The Children’s Museum, the fund has supported some of the following programs:

Zoe Weiss, Zeff’s widow, shared, “The Zeff Weiss family is pleased to be affiliated with the Indianapolis Library Foundation. I had the opportunity to be present at a Learning Curve visit from various classrooms. Each group visited a different station. One group experienced a exhibition of robotics. The second group participated in producing artwork using computers. Another group practiced their math skills using iPads.

“It was fascinating to see the myriad of skills that the Curveside Ride program was fostering in our youth. The Zeff Weiss family appreciates the opportunity to nurture the love of learning through this program. We hope that the Learning Curve program continues to be a success and brings our community’s children to visit the Central Library.”